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The studio Cristofori Santi Architetti was founded on a partnership dating back to 2005. Its core services are architecture for private clients and companies, interior and retail design. It has carried out and is currently involved in numerous projects in Europe and in China where the studio has been working since 2008. Down the years the practice has developed its range of services for private concerns and companies with projects which are a blend of creativity, pragmatism and simplicity, always placing the emphasis on attention to detail, research, artisan support and excellence in communications. < pdf >


CSA’s team is made up of five in-house architects and a network of qualified international technicians and consultants specialized in lighting design, led supplying, interactive and multimedia installations, brand identity, strategic and sales outlet communications and graphic design. The studio is constantly at work to perfect a network that makes it increasingly more competitive and in a position to anticipate and keep abreast of rapidly changing market trends and their increasingly more sophisticated needs.

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Our Services

CSA offers a complete range of creative and operative services. In particular to companies, thanks to its ability to deal at highly professional management levels, and also to its capacity to transmit corporate values and interact with the product and with the mood of each single campaign, coming up with coherent and creative solutions.

It offers the following services:

  • project development
  • final and preliminary architectural designs
  • development and realization of concept design from the drawing board to the final stage
  • product and furnishing design
  • compliance for single sales points for different markets;
  • development of the distribution chain
  • support in developing the operational stage for unstructured retail companies
  • implementation of administrative procedures


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